Family Health Plus

Health Insurance for Adults

Family Health Plus is a public health insurance program for low-income adults who are aged 19 to 64 who do not have health insurance – either on their own or through their employers – but have income or savings that are too high to qualify for Medicaid. Family Health Plus is available to single adults, couples without children, and parents with limited income who are residents of New York State and are United States citizens or fall under one of many immigration categories.

Family Health Plus provides comprehensive coverage, including prevention, primary care, hospitalization, prescriptions and other services. There are minimal co-payments for some Family Health Plus services. Health care is provided through participating insurance plans in your area.

Family Health Plus is not available to anyone who already has health insurance coverage.

To see if your family size, income, and resources qualify for your participation in Family Health Plus, click here.

For more information on Family Health Plus, call 1-877-9FHPLUS (877-934-7587). If you do qualify for Family Health Plus, there are organizations that can help you enroll in the program. Click here to find the community organization in the county where you live.

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