Family Planning Benefit Program

You may be eligible for FPBP if you don’t qualify for Medicaid or Family Health Plus, or if you only want the services provided through FPBP. The maximum income levels for participation in FPBP are:

Number in Family Monthly Net Income
1 $1702
2 $2282
3 $2862
4 $3442
5 $4022
6 $4602
7 $5182
8 $5762
For each additional person, add: $580

The services provided under FPBP include:
Most FDA approved birth control methods, devices, and supplies (e.g., birth control pills, injections, or patches, condoms, diaphragms, IUDs)
Emergency contraception services and follow-up care (Plan B is covered; Preven is not.)
Male and female sterilization
Preconception counseling and preventive screening and family planning options before pregnancy

To apply for FPBP, contact your your local department of social services.

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