Health Care for All New York

Health Care For All New York is a statewide coalition dedicated to winning affordable, comprehensive, and high quality health care for all. HCFANY is organized around a set of 10 Standards and all member organizations commit to promoting these standards in the health reform arena.

The Public Policy and Education Fund of New York is a founding member of HCFANY.

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Basics on Health Care Reform


New Yorkers Need Quality, Affordable Health Care

  • Basic introduction to why legislation to create a health exchange is necessary in New York in 2012

NY Needs…

  • Information on why exchange legislation is necessary, and the standards that should govern a good exchange bill

Exchange and Health Care Disparities

  • What a health insurance exchange could do to address racial disparities

Q&A on Health Care Reform

Powerpoint Presentation and Powerpoint Script on Consumer Rights Under Health Care Reform


Health Care For All New York

Family Health Plus Employer Buy-In Program

• Federal Health Care Reform
Federal Health Reform: What’s in it for NY?

Understanding COBRA