How Can I Get Health Care?

There are a wide variety of publicly funded insurance programs available to New York State residents who meet certain income and household requirements. The public insurance system in New York can be very difficult to navigate because there are many options each with different set of eligibility criteria.

The public programs available to all geographic areas of New York State, separated based on which group of residents the program is applicable to. By selecting the program based on the group you are in, you will be redirected to a page with information about eligibility. Often, it is possible that you, or certain members of your family, will be eligible to participate in more than one program.

First, determine to which group you belong. Then, visit all the pages under that category, starting with the top one listed. If you don’t qualify for the lowest program under a certain category, click HERE for information on COBRA programs. If you don’t qualify for COBRA, you may need to purchase direct-pay health insurance. You can find out information about purchasing direct-pay insurance HERE.

Families & Adults

If you don’t qualify for any public insurance programs listed above, there are still ways you may be able to get health care.