Medicaid: Medicaid is a publicly funded health insurance program available low-income to residents of New York and people who have used up most of their savings and need long-term care. The best way to find out if you are eligible for any aspect of the Medicaid program is to contact your local department of social services. Participation in Medicaid is dependent on your income and savings.  {READ MORE}

Children:Child Health Plus is an insurance program for all children living in New York State who are under the age of 19. Child Health Plus has excellent benefits and is offered by health insurance plans throughout New York. Child Health Plus is affordable to most families, since it is mostly paid for by public funds. The cost of Child Health Plus for you will depend on how much money your family earns, although all children may enroll in the program. {READ MORE}

Healthy New York: Healthy New York is a publicly funded health insurance program for individuals and small businesses. Health New York is available to residents New York State who may not meet income criteria for other public programs, but can’t afford health insurance or don’t receive health insurance from their employer. {READ MORE}

Family Planning Benefit Program:The Family Planning Benefit Program is a program for New York State residents who need family planning services but may not be able to afford them. {READ MORE}

Downstate Insurance

Brooklyn Health Works: The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has created a program for small businesses in Brooklyn to provide health care for their employees are a greatly reduced cost.{READ MORE}

Health Pass: For small businesses located businesses in New York City, or in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, or Dutchess counties. {READ MORE}

Long Island Health: For small businesses located on Long Island {READ MORE}